Zoning Board and Building


Zoning Board of Adjustments

The Zoning Board serves as Pitkin's authority on zoning matters. Variance requests can be made by completing THIS FORM. Completed variance request applications can filed be via the Town Clerk or directly with Jesse Gretson, Chairperson of the Zoning Board. Suspected zoning violations may be filed with the Town Clerk or directly with the Zoning Enforcment official - (position currently unfilled).

Pitkin's current zoning code: 2012 Zoning Code with 2013 Amendment. **NOTE - the 2012 Zoning Code Appendix C contains a repealed OWTS ordinance. The current OWTS ordinance can be found HERE.


2020 Zoning Board Members

Jesse Garetson - Chairperson

Contact Jesse Garetson by phone at (620)668-0046


Doug Bower

Contact Doug Bower by phone at (303)961-9676 or by email at inspectaci@aol.com


Kathy Dardio

Contact Kathy Dardio by phone at (903)456-0880 or by email at kathy_dardio@yahoo.com


Rodger Lull

Contact Rodger Lull by email rslull@aol.com


Gayla Gibb

Contact Gayla Gibb by phone at    or by email at


Building Inspector: Tom Gibb

Assistant Building Inspector:

Building permits must reviewed by two members of the Zoning Board of adjustments and signed and approved by a building inspector prior to construction. Permit applications may be submitted to the Town Clerk or one of the building inspectors. All inspections associated with new construction and/or repairs must be completed by a building inspector. To schedule an inspection, please email the building inspectors at: pitkinbuildinginspector@gmail.com or contact Tom Gibb at (970)787-0780.  Well permits are required within Town limits and can be obtained from a building inspector. For permit questions contact Tom Gibb by phone at (970)787-0780. Contact the Town Clerk at (970)787-0031.

Building permit application