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Building Inspectors

Building Inspector: Tom Gibb

Building permits and well permits must be approved by the building inspector.  All inspections associated with new construction, remodeling, or repairs must be completed by the building inspector. Email the Building Inspector.  Contact Tom Gibb by phone at (970)787-0780

Ditch Commissioner

Ditch Commissioner: VACANT

The ditch commissioner maintains the Town of Pitkin's ditch system - regularly mowing, trimming weeds, and monitoring for obstructions. Contact the Town Clerk at (970)787-0031.

Environmental Health Agent

Environmental Health Agent: Cyndi Wick

The environmental health agent manages Pitkin's OWTS inspection records, approves septic permits, and helps the Town OWTS systems remain in compliance with State Regulation 43. Inspections are required every three years. Suspected OWTS issues should be reported to the environmental health agent. Email Environmental Health Agent Cyndi Wick or contact the Town Clerk at (970)787-0031

*Scheduled inspection letters and delinquent inspection letters have been mailed.  Please contact Environmental Health Agent Cyndi Wick if you need to request an extension on your inspection deadline*

Parks and Recreation Commissioner

Parks and Rec Commissioner: Sara Lamar

The Parks and Rec commissioner is responsible for maintaning the Town's playground area. In July 2017, Sara Lamar applied for and won a grant on behalf of the Town of Pitkin to cover some of the costs associated with the Town's new playground. Email Sara Lamar or contact the Town Clerk at (970)787-0031

Streets Commissioner

Streets Commissioner: Jesse James Garetson

The Streets Commissioner maintains the Town's streets and alleys. He also serves as the liason between Pitkin and Gunnison County. Street maintenance needs, damaged signage, and snow plowing issues should be reported to the streets commissioner. Contact the Streets Commissioner Jesse Garetson at (620)668-0046 or contact the Town of Pitkin at (970)787-0031

Town Hall Commissioner

Town Hall Commissioner: Garry Winget

The Town Hall Commissioner is an individual dedicated to preserving and promoting Pitkin's historical Town Hall building. Duties include regular cleaning and maintenance, working with the Colorado Historical Society to preserve the building in compliance with grants received, and planning events to promote the building. Contact Town Hall Commissioner Garry Winget at (316)641-4442 or the Town of Pitkin at (970)787-0031

Town Sanitarian

Town Sanitarian: Vacant

The Town Sanitarian works in cooperation with the Environmental Health Agent with respect to On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems  in the Town of Pitkin.  OWTS permits may  be approved by the Town Sanitarian. For questions, contact the Town Clerk at (970)787-0031.